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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bible Study SNIP-IT

Week of: June 1, 2015
Sharing by: Pam Crawford                                  

Where do we draw the line between healthy and unhealthy compromise?
Dr. Charles Stanley

   Compromise can be defined as making a concession in order to gain something. At times, compromise can be a good thing. If you've ever had to compromise on what restaurant to choose or how much to pay for a new car, you don't need an explanation of how compromise works.

   We engage in healthy compromise when we can give in to another without compromising our core values and beliefs. Every healthy human relationship experiences an element of give and take. Unhealthy compromise, on the other hand, involves abandoning sound and godly ideas and standards, leaving us morally and spiritually bankrupt. 

   The story of Solomon illustrates how unhealthy compromise ends in tragedy. Solomon surpassed every ruler of his time in wisdom and riches. People from all over the world sought out Solomon for his wisdom. Yet Solomon deliberately disobeyed God's warning against intermarriage with other religions (see Duet. 7:3). The result? Solomon's heart turned away from absolute devotion to His God and began to cling to the gods of his wives. No man ever soared so high but fell so low.

   We live in a world full of temptations that urges us to compromise our godly values. But when we choose to compromise, we pay a price, even though it may not seem immediately apparent to others (or even to ourselves). Satan wants us to believe the lie that no one gets hurt when we compromise our core values. But that lie has cost men their jobs and ministries, children their innocence, and at times, it has cost individuals their lives. 

   God's righteousness is forever. He doesn't wink at compromise. Consider Solomon. After his compromise came collapse. God didn't waste any words. He said he would rip the kingdom out of Solomon's hands because of his compromise. That is exactly what happened (see 1 Kings 11:11).

   Unhealthy compromise is costly. It corrupts. It brings collapse.

   Has God put His finger on something in your life? Perhaps you've crossed the line and are no longer flirting with compromise but have jumped headlong into it. Satan is both cunning and powerful, and if he can get you to give up what is important to you, he can send you down a dark road that could cost you dearly. Don't fall for it. Don't give in. Don't compromise what you shouldn't. Trust God and leave all the consequences to Him.

Read: 1 Kings 11:1-13

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